2018 CLTAV Reading Award

The 2018 Victorian Secondary School Reading Awards was held on August 17 at Melbourne Grammar School. This is an annual event co-hosted by the Chinese Language Teachers Association in Victoria (CLTAV) and the Confucius Institute at the University of Melbourne.

52 students in Years 7, 8 & 9 participated in this year’s competition. Students were given an unseen passage on different topics, written both in Pinyin and in characters. They had 10 minutes to prepare before they read it out in front of the audience.

The judges assessed the contestants on their pronunciation, tonal accuracy, fluency and phrasing as well as delivery. “It is such a challenging task for the judges! All the contestants have done a great job in presenting their passages.” said Julia Gong, Chief Judge for the competition. Three prizes were given to each year level and the winners were:


Year 7

1st Prize: Daniel Joseph, Waverley Christian College

2nd Prize:  Beau Richards, Kingswood College

3rd Prize: Harry McCorkell, Scotch College


Year 8

1st Prize: Marsha Lenin, Box Hill High

2nd Prize: Stephanie Gilmour, Kingswood College

3rd Prize:  Mia Tragemann, Firbank Grammar


Year 9

1st Prize: Ruby Harris, Kingswood College

2nd Prize: Lachie Tulloch, Melbourne Grammar

3rd Prize: Anna Pham, MLC


Congratulations to the winners!