2018 Global Village Children & Youth Bilingual Speech Competition

On the 29th July 2018, CLTAV (Chinese Language Teachers Association of Victoria) with the support of Confucius Institute at the University of Melbourne, successfully hosted the finals for the Global Village Children & Youth Bilingual Speech Competition. The occasion brought together students from China and Australia, who worked together to produce an interactive and engaging speech in both Chinese and English. The topic of the competition for primary school candidates was “Flavours of Life: Sour, Sweet, Bitter & Hot” (“生活中的酸·甜·苦·辣”) and for secondary school candidates, the topic was “Are Computer Games Good or Bad for the development of Teenagers?” (“电脑游戏对青少年的成长有益?有害?”) Students from China flew from Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing and Hangzhou, while students from Australia came from different schools around Victoria. They paired up together to present their speech in front of a large audience.

The judging panel consisted of bilingual experts and they were tasked with the impossible. Students from both Australia and China obtained outstanding linguistic and performance skills, and each participant delivered their speech with confidence and flair.

Confucius Institute congratulates all participants for their bravery, hard work and effort during the speech competition, and extend our support to all students learning Chinese.