School Programs

From early 2010, the Institute has supported the promotion of Chinese language and culture in primary and secondary schools, in particular in regional Victoria. The Institute has also been working closely with the Chinese Language Teachers Association of Victoria (CLTAV), supporting key programs such as the Victorian Chinese Teachers’ Annual Conference, Chinese Bridge Competition, Years 7-9 Reading Awards (L2), Years 9-11 Writing and Speaking Competition (background speakers) and Year 9-11 Writing and Speaking Competition (L1). 

School Workshops

Workshops are designed to increase students’ cultural understanding of China, while also being fun and interactive.

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Chinese Teacher PD

In partnership with the Chinese Language Teachers' Association of Victoria (CLTAV), the Institute hosts annual Chinese language teachers' conference and professional development workshops with the aim of sharing the most up-to-date pedagogy and best practices in the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language.


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Confucius Classrooms

As of 2013, there are nine Confucius Classrooms in Victoria affiliated with the Institute. These schools represent a diversity of primary and secondary education providers across Victoria. The schools take responsibilities in the management of their Chinese language curriculum design and delivery.

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