Client Testimonials


Business Chinese Courses

"I found the team to be helpful and thoroughly professional in all aspects - from office help to class teaching". - 2016 CBD Business Chinese Student


"Excellent! I'm very happy with how this class was taught, interactive and fun, and the content was always explained with plenty of supplementary information." - 2017 CBD Business Chinese Student


Language Courses

"Classes are fun, and I always feel encouraged to try even if I'm incorrect." 2018 Term 1B Student


"All of the CI teaching staff and office management staff are approachable and very supportive. It is a good environment in which to take on a new language. It is also a good location". 2018 Term 2 1A Student


"This is the third Chinese course I've done, and it was definitely the best. I'll be back for more". - 2019 Term 1 Intermediate Student


Cross-Cultural Training

"Loved the course!!! Great breadth of information covered in an engaging, humorous and interesting way. Wish I could do an extended version". - 2016 Cross-cultural Training Participant


"I just wanted to thank you again for your presentation last week. Everyone really enjoyed it and the general consensus was that it was as good a training session as they have ever had." - 2017 Corss-cultural Training Participant


Study Tours

"A great way to experience China for the first time, the leaders were fantastic and language classes were excellent. I look forward to visiting China again soon!"  - 2018 Emerging Young Leaders Study Tour Participant


"The language classes were split into beginner and advanced which allowed for those with prior Chinese learning experience to be challenged and stimulated."  - 2018 Emerging Young Leaders Study Tour Participant


"The Study Tour has benefited me because it has sparked a genuine interest in continuing to learn the language, and I have made some very good friends and connections that I will maintain forever." - 2018 Emerging Young Leaders Study Tour Participant


"I have returned from China inspired, determined and action-oriented to grow and innovate ideas for the further embedding of ongoing collaboration, through personal, professional and school-based links and other opportunities." - 2018 Principal Study Tour Participant


"Having like minded people to share the experience with and being able to have those deep educational conversationa with people from across Australia and China." - 2018 Principal Study Tour Participant

"The tour was beyond amazing , thoroughly enjoyed." - 2014 Art and Culture Tour Participant


"We all had a wonderful time, and cannot recommend it enough.  Especially with Xu Lao Shi's contacts in Shanghai, we all agreed,  we felt like a delegation, rather than a study tour." -  2014 Art and Culture Tour Participant


Cultural Programs

"Our teacher is amazing, knowledgeable, very approachable and helpful, cares for each of us very deeply. He's simply fantastic in all possible ways! Make sure you pass this on to him. Thanks." - 2018 Calligraphy Student


School Programs 

"I would just like to take this moment to say thank you for the wonderful afternoon the students had today. The program was wonderful. All the Year 7s were so engaged and a great way to complete the term with another Year 7 event." - 2016 Local School Representative

"The workshops were great! All the teachers delivered the workshops were fantastic. We will arrange for an extended session next time." - 2017 Local School Representative