Cross-Cultural Training

The Institute delivers cross-cultural training courses for companies and organisations working in the Australia/China scope. All cross-cultural courses are tailored to suit the participants' needs and can be offered face-to-face or online. 


Understanding Chinese Business Culture

Topics include: Basic Chinese phrases, building cross-cultural awareness, communicating with Chinese clients, negotiating with Chinese clients, and managing an Australian-Chinese team.


Participants who complete this course will:

• gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture;

• be equipped with skills for polite social interaction with Chinese people;

• have awareness of issues in Sino-Australian cross-cultural communication;

• understand modern Chinese business etiquette;

• be able to navigate around China’s cities more independently; and

• utilise Chinese popular apps, like Wechat, Alipay etc. to maximize efficiency in China


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Understanding Australian Business Culture

The Institute conducts training workshops on Australian Business Culture in both Mandarin and English.


Participants who complete this training will:

• gain a deeper understanding of Australian culture;

• understand the Australian workplace style and structure;

• learn about the Australian communication style to politely interact with Australian people;

• have awareness of cultural differences and business etiquette; and

• be able to navigate around Australia more independently.


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