Managerial Staff Profiles


Back row (l-r) Linlin Lu, Grace Wang, Shirley Zheng, Luna Tai, Masa Zhang, Ying Meng, Ping Jiang.

Front row (l-r) Vera Liu, Thomas Day,  Zhihong Chen, Julia Gong, Wenhua Xu, Lianying Hao, (absent Kevin Yang, Susan Su)


Ms Julia Gong


Julia Gong obtained her Master of Education at the University of Melbourne in 2003. She joined the University of Melbourne in 2007 as a lecturer at the Confucius Institute and later held the position of Manager of Academic and Business Programs for two years. She developed the syllabus for the business Chinese language programs and was one of the designers and instructors for the Institute's Corporate Cross-cultural Training Program. In 2015 Julia led the content development of the Asialink Business corporate training modules, covering areas such as: cultural intelligence with a China lens, understanding the Chinese mindset, practical tips on doing business in China and an understanding of modern China; current issues, developments and opportunities for Australian businesses.

From 2010 to early 2011, Julia worked at the Chinese Teacher Training Centre as Education Programs Coordinator. She has 16 years' language teaching experience at undergraduate and postgraduate level. She has been involved in a wide variety of language teacher training programs in Australia and China, including courses for pre-service and in-service teachers. She is also an experienced textbook writer and language education TV/radio program writer and presenter. Julia's research interests are in the teaching of second language speaking skills, cross-cultural communication, non-verbal communication and computer assisted language learning. In the last two years, her focus has been on the use of various innovative resources in the presentation of modern Chinese language in Australian classrooms, on which she presented a paper at the 35th ALAA Congress in 2010.

Due to Julia's expertise in intercultural understanding and strong education background, Julia was invited to join the Asia Education Foundation to establish the Australia-China BRIDGE Project. She established partnerships with governmental educational authorities in Beijing and Shandong province in China, resulting in successful partnerships between 24 Australian schools and 24 Chinese schools. Since then, Julia has been involved in a series of other partnership development programs, including the Confucius Classroom Project, the EMR and Gippsland China Programs, where a total number of 36 partnerships were established between Australian schools and Chinese schools. Julia's negotiation skills, strong communication skills and her extensive contacts both in China and Australia make her an expert in partnership establishment and development across cultures.


Ms. Yin Jun


Ms. Jun Yin is the newly appointed Associate Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Melbourne, visiting from Nanjing University. At Nanjing University, Ms Yin was responsible for international students’ enrolment. Before working at the Admission Office of Nanjing University, Ms. Yin had over ten years’ experience working with international students as an education consultant. Ms. Yin also has extensive experience teaching Chinese to non-background language learners, and spent one year as a visiting scholar working and studying at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. Ms. Yin's research interests include comparative education and quality assurance in international Education. She looks forward to enhancing the understanding of Chinese language and culture in local schools and the business community, as well as facilitating connections between China and Australia.


Mr Thomas Day


Thomas has broad experience in the Asia-Pacific region where he has worked and studied for over five years.

Thomas is the External Relations and Projects Manager at the Confucius Institute at The University of Melbourne, where he promotes a greater understanding of China through managing and delivering a range of language, culture, and business training programs. He is passionate about increasing China-literacy amongst the school and business communities in Australia.

Through his previous work at the Australia China Business Council, the Australia China Alumni Association, and the Australian Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo, Thomas has developed a passion for and dedication to the Australia-China relationship, as well as in-depth knowledge and understanding of the cultural, political, and economic ties that exist between the two countries.

Thomas has travelled extensively for work, with roles in Qingdao, Shanghai, and Beijing and has completed exchange semesters in Osaka, Taichung, and Taipei. Over the years, he has enjoyed visiting 17 provinces and over 60 cities in China.

He is a committee member of the Australia China Young Professionals Initiative in Melbourne and was also selected as an Australian candidate at the 2016 Australia China Youth Dialogue.

Thomas is an avid fan of Australian Rules Football (AFL), and has proudly played for the Beijing Bombers, Shanghai Tigers, and the China Reds.


Ms Lianying Hao


Lianying is an experienced language teacher. She earned her Masters' Degree in Linguistics (focusing on comparison of Modalities of Chinese and Korean language) from Inha University, South Korea. While in Korea, she instructed Chinese at Korean Chinese Academy, Seoul, one of the top 3 Mandarin training providers in Korea, where she acquired extensive experience in teaching the language to learners at various levels, ranging from beginners to advanced students. Due to her excellent teaching skills, she was recruited as a language-training instructor at Samsung Electronics, Seoul, and Incheon Lawyers' office, Incheon, South Korea. Apart from that, she has also worked as an interpreter for MBC (Korean TV Channel) and Korean Regional Courts.

After moving to Australia in early 2008, Lianying has been teaching Chinese Language in different schools. She has also been involved in interpretation and translation.

Lianying brings along an energetic and outgoing personality. Together with her experience in teaching, she is able to make her class interactive and interesting, for which her students have regarded her an admirable teacher.

Since 2009, Lianying has been working at the Confucius Institute as language instructor, course coordinator and manager. She has conducted Chinese language and cross-cultural training programs to corporates like Westpac, Nortonrose, Melbourne Airport etc.