School Cultural Workshops


Workshops are designed to increase students' understanding of Chinese culture, while also being fun and interactive. Upon request from schools, CI staff deliver cultural and art workshops including calligraphy, brush painting, paper cutting, Taichi, Chinese knot making, lantern making, dance, fan coloring, traditional costume dressing up and Chinese games etc.

School incursion and excursion programs are both available.

Alongside traditional Chinese arts and crafts workshops, the Institute also offers cultural workshops on topics such as Chinese language(Beginner Mandarin Taster Class), the diversity of Chinese culture, geography, and Asian Migration and its impact on Australia. These workshops are designed to raise the awareness of Australia's cultural diversity, extend the knowledge of modern Australian history, and improve participants' intercultural understanding. They provide a valuable supplement to the Victorian school curriculum in the learning areas of Humanities and Languages and Intercultural Capability. Content of the workshops can be tailored to meet schools' needs. 

For further information, please contact Ms. Lianying Hao at or call 03 9035 8204.